Faira Arif Kamilifu

Född: 2009-05-15,
Färg: röd vete,
HD: grad A, ED: ua (0),
DM: fri (N/N),
Blue Dilute:D/D
JME: Bärare/Carrier
EOAD: Clear, Fri (N/N),

Temperament test – 1st grade
General obedience exam (OKD) 1st grade

Ägare: Angelina Evmenova,
Moskva, Ryssland.

European Winner 2012, Junior European Winner 2010
C.I.B – Int. Beauty champion, Champion of Russia, Grand Champion of Russia,
Champion of Romania, Belarus, Ukraine,
Champion of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Baltic Countries,
Winner of Nat Club RR, Junior Champion Eurasia´10,
Junior Champion of Russia, Belarus, Slovenia, Romania
Junior WInner of National Club RR, Winner of Zagreb Club RR Croatia.

Lure Coursing Russian Championship 2012 – 1st place
Lure Coursing Championship 2012 Winner – CACL
Multi BOB/BOS at both International & National Shows.
Multi Best in Group placements.

Arif was born in Russia from combination with imported female from Belgium kennel Ñhitonga  - Multi CH Chitonga Faira and famous Czech stud dog Inter, Multi CH Ascot Alta Mirano.

Arif is healthy dog in good athletic condition. He is in moderate  type with nice body construction. His main advantage what all judges and I like   - excellent balance and perfect head with nice typical expression.

Now Arif is almost 5 years old, but he is joyful and playful like a puppy. His tail is always wagging happily and he is ready to communicate with people every time. Arif is very tender boy and likes to cuddle with family members. Also he is obedient and ready to learn new things. 

Arif is very open, honest and smart. Just sweet boy. At the same time, he can guard the territory. And he is crazy about food! He can eat everything)))

The other his favorite thing is coursing. He is very exciting about this and has great hunting instinct, force and speed. All coursing and raising competitions he took part he won, or was second.

Also his nice part of character – loyalty with puppies. He plays with puppies with great pleasure and he allows them everything. Of course he is ready to play with all females too.

Arif lived 4 years with our first Rhodesian ridgeback male and they were big friends, respecting each other. With other males Arif very strict and dominant. He is ready to show “who is the boss” to all unknown males. But he still has adult friends – greyhound males and very likes to play with them.

At home Arif quiet and lazy, outside he is very active. And it is very nice to travel with Arif too. He feels good at all type of transport (plane, train, car) and very intelligent at cafe and other public places.

Angelina and Arif

Arif är pappa till vår Y-kull 2014