Thokoza Ngumo

Född: 2008-04-08, Avliden: 2020-11-01
Färg: röd vete,
HD: grad A, ED: ua (0),
OCD: fri (N/N)
LTV: fri (N/N)
Blue Dilute: D/D
DM: fri (N/N),
EOAD: Clear, Fri (N/N),
JME: Normal/Clear,

Ägare: Lianne Peters-Spätjens,
Susteren, Nederländerna

Meriter: Utställd med cert, r-cert, cacib,
r-cacib, BIR, BIM, BIG-1, BIG-3 BIS-3,
Golden Winner

Even on a very young age he caught the eye because of his excellent movement, his outstanding character and his enormous will to please.

He comes out of a very even litter. His siblings were balanced pups as well in construction as in character.

Sam lives in our family, together with his two RR females.

Sam is a very happy dog, he always want to play. He still acts like a big puppy..!!

He likes everything doing together with me, like biking, running, walking and working around the stables with our horses.

He likes people, animals and all kind of dogs. He has no aggression at all. He is very easy to handle!

He enjoy to run after rabbits but he don’t want to kill them, he like the running more than the hunting.

Sams offspring excels in movement, construction and character as he passes it on to them. In his kids you can see himself.


Ngumo "Sam" är pappa till vår X-kull 2013